Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

i've said it before and i'll say it again: worst. thanksgiving. costume. ever.

i know i have much to be thankful for, but rather than enumerating all that i'm concentrating on the unintentional humor found in these vintage thanksgiving cards. go eat lots of turkey!

that is one seriously lecherous moon checking out the turkeymaid's cleavage

"i've placed something most foul amongst the presentation--try and guess where?"

i actually feel rather sorry for the bird, because when i look at this all is see is "i'm gonna cut you turkey, then i'm gonna cut you summore..."

"duuuude, you're so fucked. i may be in a cage but if you're stupid enough to hang out in the yard on "turkey day" and not escape, then i've got nothing more to say to you."

cucurbiticidal turkey!

cannibalistic turkeys!

more cannibalistic turkeys!

not technically cannibalistic, but there's just something terribly wrong about a bald eagle feasting on a turkey



also not naked children cooking turkey, thank you!

still not hygenic!

what the hell is up with these naked kids and turkeys?

fly, turkey, fly!

"george, what is that whore doing at my thanksgiving table?"
"mummy, please don't start..."

the pilgrims firmly believed that a skull crushing via a giant platter of squash was the most righteous manner by which to gain a dead turkey

paper doll turkey and friends, part one (print me out!)

paper doll turkey and friends, part two (print me out, too!)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

1936 avenida las campanas NW

long time, no see...but i'm coming back. i've just arrived from NM with sophie and a giant uhaul full of the last of our things left at our beautiful house. unfortunately, it's time to sell--our glorious renters, michelle and rich, are moving to idaho and i know i have no chance of finding renters like them again. if you're interested, here are some pictures (shot by someone else) of our lovely place that i miss so much.