Wednesday, November 28, 2012

maybe i am being a little too harsh with gus

(this afternoon, in the car)

"please? please please?"
*sigh* . . . "pleeeeease?"
" 'it is not that which you hate that will ultimately destroy you, it is that which you love.' "
"oh my god, mom, this is not a philosophical question, i just want a doughnut."

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

vintage thanksgiving postcards FTW!

 i'm not sure what kind of turkey needs this type of attention, but this looks remarkably similar to how i was handled in ob/gyn 6 and 12 years ago at the UIHC.  FYI guys: no woman wants to receive this card.  EVER.

happy thanksgiving season!  an annual tradition at work here: displaying a few vintage postcards to make you scratch your head and wonder why on earth anyone would have ever sent these to their friends and loved ones.  or perhaps they weren't so loved--whatever.  enjoy!

"dude! that new guy who just moved here has like a 20 pound turkey he's not sharing! i'm calling him sir heap shitty neighbor from now on."

"what the...?"

(no comment.)

sometimes confusion is the best way to handle the holidays, and even the dog looks befuddled at this one

american maid holding a flaming...plate of molten lava? seriously, what is that?

a knife-wielding child ≠ a peaceful thanksgiving

and now for some international flavors:


 the british are coming!  and they've brought a dressed turkey.

 well, at least the turkey is accurate...although chinese turkey might be delicious

and a cowboy thanksgiving!  that's international, right?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween 2012

homage to great-aunt mathilde, who was murdered on hallowe'en night...

happy halloween! this year in the triangle we had a flappity bat, an escaped mental patient, fay wray with king kong hand 2.0 and a guy in a pumpkin shirt. we didn't have a ton of trick-or-treaters, but gus and sophie hit up the neighborhood for about 2 1/2 hours and brought in quite the haul. all kinds of halloween shenanigans abounded, culminating in the explosion of a 100+ pound pumpkin sometime around 10:00 pm...but no one called the cops--bonus! now the holiday recovery begins in earnest.

 a flappity bat, hard at work
aaah!  scary flappity vampire bat!

 (amazingly, i shot almost the exact same picture of her last year!)

sophie's sweet little 1st grade class

 elementary school neighborhood parade

i'm not sure who should be more frightened in this picture
vomiting annual classic at our house!

cannibal pumpkin, lit by road flare (this is before the fireworks got it)

...and this would be the fireworks...

 ...and this would be its final demise.  rich + axe = adios giant pumpkin!