Saturday, January 29, 2011

i'm pretty sure cheerios weren't meant for this life

but does it still lower your cholesterol?

seriously, you gotta love iowa--it's cold as fuck five months a year but this kind of sugar-coma-disguised-as-a-meal can become just addictive enough to get even the least winter-worthy souls to haul their ass outta bed and punish their livers in a non-liquid fashion.

mmm, fruity pebbles and cavities

FYI: i almost got myself banned from the coralville hy-vee for shooting these pix. and without the hy-vee where would i get my ridiculously cheap wine, which is my preferred source of liver punishment? i definitely got many the iowa evil eye from those in the bakery department.

i'm so patenting the phrase "iowa evil eye."

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