Friday, June 21, 2013


click me to see the video!

earlier this week, we saw our most recent resident in the ravine--a wild turkey--with her TWELVE new fluffy babies! today i finally got a video of them. she is down to about eight or nine poults as of this morning (maybe more--it is hard to tell in the video), and we know she lost one to a sharp-shinned hawk yesterday. (about half of the babies should make it to adulthood, according to statistics.)

i'm thrilled at the prospect of having all these wild turkeys in the ravine...i hope they stay. any suggestions on what i could plant to entice them to make this their permanent home would be much appreciated! enjoy.

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  1. Missy, I was sure that I'd found the right spot when I saw this photo of the turkey--we had one in our front yard when we were home! Great photos and a wonderfully eclectic reading list.