Tuesday, February 11, 2014

taking gammy's advice...

...and saying nothing at all. my grandmother frequently reminded me to keep my mouth shut and i am certain she would want me to here as well (i'm sure she's cringing over what i've written in the past). as i can't bring myself to say anything nice about our return quite yet--this bitter cold has made me incapable of thinking about doing anything except running up and down our street screaming "GET ME OUT OF HERE! GET ME OUT OF HERE! GET ME OUT OF HERE!"--and my recent facebook posts consists solely of weather-related complaining (thank you for sticking with me if you are my friend there), until i can figure out something positive with which to occupy my thoughts i think i'll just stay silent for a bit. i have a bajillion photos to edit, anyway.

stay warm!

1 comment:

  1. Can't say we miss the winter one whit. Reports (not just yours) have been brutal. Heating bills nasty, but now we no longer own 345, so what the heck. Just remember, spring comes, spring comes, and for all the gorgeous weather here, this neighborhood does have its downsides, too. Hang in there!