Friday, August 29, 2014

still here...kindofnotreally

it's been an age!  this has been a tough transition time, as i'm sure was obvious by the previous posts.  repatriation did not go smoothly, and many a life-changing decision has been made over the past six months since our return because of it.

the allen family bermuda triangle struck with a mighty blow and knocked me and the kiddos back to houston.  my sweet husband, however, remains in iowa.  this is not ideal.  we're doing an every-other-week thing with varying success, and have high hopes for his being in houston full-time before long.  the kids love their new schools and are doing very well, but that's to be expected just because...that's what is expected.  they do seem happier, but they miss their dad. 

fingers crossed that a program/hospital/practice gets a clue and snatches rich up sooner rather than later.

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