Monday, September 10, 2007

cliffhanger with a combo twist

the combo twist can be quite harrowing

sophie is our sensory-seeking child. gus is and always has been "safety gus;" sophie is most definitely "danger girl." rich and sophie have developed this game of cliffhanger, where sophie stands on rich's chest while he is standing, rich holds her hands and then lets her freefall onto her feet. i cringe every time i see it. now he does cliffhanger with a combo twist (or spin--we haven't finalized the title yet): he does the drop then a bounce into a 360 one way, then a 360 the opposite way. i have a video of this that is hilarious; i'm going to put it on if i can't figure out how to load it here. enjoy, and when i post that sophie has broken her ankles, you'll know why...


ready for twist/spin

action shot!

action shot!

and it's all over

sophie loves her daddy, especially when he's inducing dizziness

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