Saturday, November 24, 2007

deadbeats, we

i love words--i love playing with meaning, trying to create neologisms, and oddities of the english language. one such oddity is the autoantonym--a word with two meanings, one being the exact opposite of the other. like cleave ("the icicle cleaved from the eave." "we cleave together like white on rice."), left ("he finally left!" "there's one apple left!"), overlook ("please overlook the mess." "lovely overlook at the dam."), and my latest favorite, deadbeat. in normal everyday parlance a deadbeat is one who doesn't pay what he (or she) owes. in banking parlance a deadbeat is one who pays what he (or she) owes, in full, every month, and thus the banks don't make a red cent on your ass and further will not issue you a new credit card to buy some camera equipment that you really, really need...yes, i still can't get a loan. rich and i are deadbeats. so i still don't have either a physical darkroom or a digital darkroom, damnit. i even took my name off the prius list to free up any possible earmarked car-loan-type credit! i am obviously not creative enough with my finances.

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