Tuesday, November 20, 2007

one more way that being a woman can get you killed (slowly)

when we lived in houston, rich used to give me much grief for always wanting to get a pedicure at tulip nail. i loved tulip nail--dozens of southeast asian women chattering loudly in their respective language/s while giving the best, and cheapest, mani/pedi in houston. it was quite a sight and a bit dangerous--you didn't want to stay in there too long with all the fumes and nail dust. anyway rich would ALWAYS either discourage my going there or berate me for doing so because he was convinced i was going to contract hepatitis C. granted he was probably right but i really loved going there and he really ruined pedicures for me. and i resent that--god forbid i should paint my own toenails. so that is one way being a woman can get you killed (slowly).

getting your eyebrows waxed is now one more way that being a woman can get you killed (slowly). rich recently had to admit a patient, which doesn't happen very often, because she developed MRSA after having her eyebrows waxed. yuck. for those of you who aren't familiar with MRSA, it is antibiotic-resistant bacteria. yuck, again. poor woman. spas are not the cleanest places to begin with--even at tulip nail you'd see them lug out the giant vat of paraffin that gets reused for every client (not the haired wax, just the dippers and applicators and--gross--the paraffin foot dip is communal to all this). so apparently someone with MRSA went in, got her eyebrows or lip or whatever done and then this poor woman caught it soon thereafter...i would make a bikini wax joke but i don't think it'd be funny. is it okay to joke about MRSA? i don't know the answer to that.

i actually do know someone whose family has been battling it for about a year...it is a mighty sucky disease.

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