Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wednesday 23 jan 2008

so. so here i am. so here i am, going in a thousand different directions, none of which are productive. i am trying to help my sister with her wedding from 1000 miles away; i am trying to help my mother with her move from the same distance; i am perpetually mediating between gus/sophie, gus/rich, mom/dad, etc.; and the cherry on top today was that both kids ended up in the pediatrician's office (resulting in a prescription for one and a strep test for the other). but i did get to have green chile sushi with tracy today, so that was good.

i did buy that awesome back for my hasselblad (see above). i still have little to no idea what i am doing with it, but i am learning. the main thing that i have learned is that i must become much more proficient with photo editing software. i have photoshop elements right now, but it is kinda weak for what i need. this picture hasn't been tweaked at all yet has a great vintage/nostalgic feel to the palette on its own. i do miss the super-saturatedness of my film...

(p.s. t-shirt contest update: no winner! it'll go back in the pile until the next contest. the answer was that it was my neighbor's house in iowa city. he leaves his lights on the tree all year...)

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