Thursday, February 28, 2008

MWF seeking relief from the pesthouse

the pesthouse is back. gus is sick, again, with an ear infection (i think). he's in a ton of pain but really no fever to speak of, so he's going back to the doctor tomorrow. and, he's got that wicked cough again. sophie, who i thought was getting better (and who i just started taking out in public again) seems to be having a recurrence of her shingles. is that even possible? she is breaking out again along the same dermatomes. and she has a fever. and she is grumpy and lethargic. she is also developing a new type of rash, also kind of linear, on her other leg that doesn't look like shingles--they actually look more like traditional chicken pox.

what the hell is going on?

when we go to the pediatrician's office they are going to put us in the plague room because of sophie's rash and fever, so if they weren't sick going into the building they most certainly will be coming out. i really thought we were past all this--gus had a friend over to play this afternoon; sophie and i went to the zoo this morning with a friend of hers (hannah) and a friend of mine (louise). all this really kicked in tonight. i can't even fathom the idea of being inside again for a couple of weeks--i might actually crack. i think rich would have done very well to retain his pediatric training...

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