Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the pesthouse, redux

almost exactly a year ago our house was the pesthouse; today we celebrate that anniversary by becoming the pesthouse once more. gus has been sick for over a week with some atrocious bug that is just attacking his respiratory system, and sophie, of course, trumped that with the shingles. she is also developing the atrocious bug so my normally beautiful, precious little angel has become scabby, sputumy, whiney, girl-variety blob. yuck. gus' bug even gave him an ear infection, so he's on antibiotics as well (and they are fortunately of a variety to kill any strep that might have been lingering in him). i'm just hoping to dodge all this while i can.

in the mean time, i am prepping and preening for my sister's wedding next month. i have botoxed, hydroquinoned and bleached my teeth not quite to chiclet grade to look good for this event. if the wedding gets cancelled, i will be pissed, although i guess you wouldn't be able to tell it by looking at me. rich is always too thrilled when i want to do anything cosmetic--this time he took it a bit too far and said he could probably get me in for an upper lid blepharoplasty before the wedding. i asked him who was going to do his and he got all insecure. then he went and stood in the mirror and botoxed himself until he felt better. i am actually going to buy makeup for the wedding, which is primarily to alleviate some of my mother's stress about how everyone and everything will look. i am a bridesmaid (bridesmatron?) and i think there are like 400 people invited to this event. i barely even remember my wedding...

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