Saturday, February 17, 2007

the pesthouse

gros' "napoleon visiting the pesthouse at jaffa"

one of the things that is fun about having studied a lot of art history (aside from getting to write in the passive voice) is that you can frequently think of a work of art related to a family picture, like this:

sophie with dirty footies

reminds me of this:

carravaggio's "madonna di loreto"

because of the controversy caused by showing pilgrims with dirty feet before the virgin mary. the art history thing also works for identifying current conditions in the home: today, it is "napoleon visiting the pesthouse at jaffa." we even have our own diminuitive dictator, who shall remain nameless, who commanded me to remind everybody that his birthday is a month from yesterday and february is a short month. so you have been warned.

anyway, sophie woke up with almost 105 degree fever this morning so she got a big dose of tylenol and then hauled off to the emergency room. after going to two different urgent care centers, both of which were closed at 6:30 in the morning (urgent care in albuquerque is ABYSSMAL) we ended up back at that horrible ER that i took gus to several months ago. it wasn't quite as bad as the first time, but it was dirty and kinda gross nonetheless. rich ended up prescribing her antibiotics in the end anyway, so it was probably a wasted trip. poor sophie. and poor gus--he started getting whatever this is yesterday.

behold the pesthouse that is our home:

miserable gus

miserable sophie

passed out gus

passed out sophie

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