Saturday, November 21, 2009

a few pictures from los poblanos

juliet, sophie and gus after a wonderful dinner at valerie and doug's house

these are just a few images from our trip back to albuquerque--i shot maybe a tenth of both what i normally shoot and what i should have shot; i'm regretting it very much now. i was using a different camera part of the time and hoping to get some good stuff from it...sadly, i don't think i did. anyway, these are the point-and-shoot pictures. the fall along the rio grande is so much more colorful than most people realize--i think there was better fall color in los ranchos than there was here in iowa. enjoy!

danger girl

safety gus

rich flew alone (of course)

los poblanos inn and peacocks

i love this decoration on the front door--i wanted to recreate it here in iowa, but we're already having a bit of a rodent problem...

detail of the indian corn--i adore these colors

the front courtyard

sophie's room (gus spent the night with with cole and randy)

this is what our bed faced--dozens of little mexican folk art figurines

i think they are fabulous

my favorite breakfast companion--rich missed all but one breakfast at los poblanos because he had to work...and he has absolutely no idea how unbelievably delicious everything they made for us was!


turkeys (thanksgiving is just around the corner)

duck landing in the lotus pond

the purple plums were at their purpliest

rich is totally keeping an eye on that peacock

even in the fall when nothing is in bloom, even on a cloudy day when you can't see the sandia mountains, even though it snowed a tiny, tiny bit on this morning, i still think this is one of the most beautiful places on earth

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