Friday, November 6, 2009

king kong and ann darrow take iowa

you'd think sophie might relate to fay wray in this image...

...but, no. she related to king kong instead. about a month ago, she saw the 1933 version of king kong and she became completely obsessed with him. she has seen it at least 25 times since then--she loves it. and, she has determined all of our roles--gus is ann darrow, rich is the tyrannosaurus rex that king kong fights in the jungle, i am ann darrow's love interest, and paco is the crazy chief that orders ann darrow to be kidnapped and given to kong. it is hilarious--when she watches the movie she calls out whose part is coming up, when paco's men are going to kidnap gus, etc. it's wonderful. however i think most three-year olds are probably terrified of king maybe there is something to worry about in there. in any event, she loved it so much she decided, on that first viewing, that she was going to be king kong for halloween and gus was going to be ann darrow. being the best human being in the world, gus cheerfully acquiesced:

and here they are!

i love this--ann darrow holding king kong. i just wish it were in focus...

parade number one: sophie's school. i am room mom for both gus and sophies' classes and, mercifully, her parade and party were scheduled for the morning while gus' started just after lunch. so, kong flew solo in this parade.

off to parade around the neighborhood with sophie's class

parades are thrilling for a king kong bunny!

sophie's class trick-or-treating at a nearby bank

sophie finally realizes there is chocolate in that bag


parade number two: gus' school. gus' teachers are wonderful and let sophie parade with the class, which i appreciate more than i can say. so now sophie is two for two on gus' school halloween parades since she could walk! and, again, gus is the kindest big brother in the world to let her go with him and do it happily. that is lovely.

sophie running to get to gus' school in time for his parade

we managed to get gus dressed (he decided to forego the dress at school--probably a wise choice) and he became a doctor/kong hostage instead

gus and sophie getting excited about the parade!

king kong, doctor ann darrow and zeus parading through the classrooms...

...then out into the neighborhood!

gus is like the best big brother evah. period.

i have no idea whose kid this is, but i will say this was one good michael jackson costume

a mass o' sweaty, becostumed kiddos trundling back to their classrooms for halloween parties

the big night itself! halloween. gus and sophie went out trick-or-treating with friends before i got back from ames (i spent the day at ISU) so i have no pictures of them leaving, damnit! gus decided not to wear the dress that night, either (again, that's fine) and just added a healthy dose of fake blood (which was actually edible--yuck) all over his scrubs to make him reallllllly scarrrrrrrry. so...just these pics of sophie coming home exhausted but happy.

rich, gus and sophie spent the afternoon carving the pumpkins

scary, scary pumpkins!

king kong and mommy

kong, at the end of the night, having a banana before bed

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  1. I love love love it! CUTEST kids ever! xoxo, L