Monday, January 11, 2010

shearing a bunny

this morning sophie woke up with a bit of a cough, so i let her stay home from school. she was pretty mellow, only interested in watching TV, so i thought maybe this might be the time to finally give her her very first haircut ever. amazingly, she complied--i lopped off about six inches to start then a couple more evening the whole thing out. she had a lovely little blunt, below-the-shoulder cut and it looked very simple and cute. she was happy; she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled really big and then settled back in to watching more TV.

i went upstairs to get on the computer and just let her be--a quiet bunny is usually a happy bunny. but when i looked down from my screen, i realized she was no longer watching TV...she was in her room...and she was occupied with something...something making little metallic noises...

she had the scissors.

and she was fixing her haircut to better suit her taste.

i have to admit, she did a better job in the front than i did--she gave herself some little bangs and some choppy layers (she looks a bit like joan jett with platinum blonde hair); i think i probably did a better job in the back. there is about a three-inch wide section missing from the back, but fortunately it is somewhat covered up by a longer top layer. it is a bit thin, however. i figured there was nothing i could do about it anyway, so i complimented her on doing such a good job, told her she was such a pretty girl, but from now on let's let mommy cut her hair...i'm not sure she'll comply. it'll make for more blog posts if she doesn't...

so this is where we started--her hair is beautiful and almost down to her waist, but it is also super dry and tends to knot something terrible (making for a very unpleasant experience whenever it needs to be brushed)

and this is the result--she did a great job in the front! i think it is very cute, and she is obviously happy with it

the back just needs a little time to fill in...

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