Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100 hours to ROME

i am so excited i could pee like a cocker spaniel. in less than 100 hours i will be in my very favorite city in the world, roma. rich gave me the gift of time for our anniversary/christmas/valentine's day and, up until about three days ago, i was supposed to be going to yelapa, mexico...but the lures of rome proved too great and i cancelled all things mexican and rebooked for rome.

did i mention i was going alone? i'm going alone. for the first time in my childfull years, i am taking a trip, by myself, that wasn't related to moving to yet another point in the triangle. it is just me, all by my non-lonesome, and rome. how frickin' great is that?! i almost convinced one of my tc/rc buddies to meet me there...but she couldn't swing it. next time.

so, it may be a while before i post again...and if anyone gets any bullshit notifications from me on facebook (like my sister's friends had happen to them) that i've been kidnapped abroad and i need money, just remember: if you don't pay, and i get shot, i'll never forgive you and will haunt your ass until the end of forever...

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy and excited for you!! as you are leaving for rome, I"ll be in MIdland. RIP Aunt Susan ~ I'll send your love.

    And, if you get kidnapped in rome and decide to facebook people demanding money.. well, we should know better.. As you can collect call me or your husband, or our parents..

    Seriously, you should look into skype.. Jake and I couldn't figure it out, but we also didn't have enough time before he left!

    YEAH!!! less than 100 hours!!! xoxoxoxox