Saturday, May 29, 2010

back from a quick trip to ABQ

this is the only picture i shot in albuquerque. it's kinda the only one needed, though.

i took a very quick trip to albuquerque last weekend to say goodbye to my dear friend, cindy, who is leaving for phoenix in just a handful of days. she is part of the reason my time in new mexico was so wonderful; i will miss knowing she is there (even though i can't be), and she's moving on for the same reason i did--her husband left medicine in new mexico for a much better practice in arizona. it's a shame that neither of our families could make it work there, as there was no lack of love for new mexico on any of our parts. but so it goes--we for IA, they for AZ. it'll be a new place to visit them.

the other reason for my trip was to check on our house, which is fully in the hands of our very capable and generous tenants now. it's not my house anymore--it's their house (for now)--and it no longer feels like my home. that was a sad realization. but the most surprising part of the trip was the return to iowa city...and i realized i wasn't sad to be here. and while not being sad isn't the same as being happy, i know it's at the very least a step in the right direction. however, that step certainly took its bloody time in coming...

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