Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day!

we had a lovely memorial day today--rich was off, the kids were home, and i think we actually took full advantage of the holiday. we gardened, we bike rode, we picnicked, we swum, we didn't barbeque but we had breakfast for dinner and we were so full from it that we had to take a rain check on the traditional dairy queen run.

today we even added a new configuration to our bike riding matrix: we've already got two tandems that can hold rich/missy, rich/gus and missy/gus, plus a trailer bike for sophie that can be attached to either a tandem or a regular bike (hence rich/missy/sophie, rich/gus/sophie and missy/gus/sophie possibilities plus rich or missy or gus slash sophie options)...but now there's yet another component...

happy girl...but what is rich attaching to sophie's trailer bike?

could it be...?

it's a trailer for paco!

happy rich, sophie and paco

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