Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dead things in the trash this week: 10

seriously, 10--all chipmunks! i frickin' LOVE our rat zappers. we are so infested with chipmunks that it's either them or us at this point--those little fuckers are making our house slide down the hill and into the ravine (i guess i have to stop calling it a swamp) out front. you know, they're all cute and chip 'n dale-like at first, but now all i see are thousands of dollars of structural damage scampering throughout my garden. and i'm off for more D-cell batteries right now...


  1. Dairy Queen and dead chipmunks? Who are you - my green holistic sister? I guess I can't talk when the animals are eating my house and I have two kids! :)

  2. you have much to learn, grasshopper...