Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a really bizarre story, as told by gus

i'm taking a quick break from photos to relay a very odd experience that happened to rich and gus this past weekend. gus is still talking about it.

a really bizarre story, as told by gus

dad and i went to bruegger's bagels, leaving paco in the car, to go and have breakfast for like 20 minutes. we were having a nice time, playing checkers, and then this old woman who had been in the store walked outside and then came right back in and yelled, "who has the dog in the car?!" so dad raises his hand and goes, "i do," and then the old woman starts saying "you're cooking your dog!" dad says, "the windows are open, he's just fine." she said, "you're a son of a B!" (but didn't say B) and "you're abusing your dog!" and dad says, "well, you're a person abuser because you're using profanity," and then she REALLY started cursing at dad. dad just ignored her after that and did this "go away" hand waving thing, then she stormed out of the bagel place. all the bagel people started laughing after she left. dad explained that you automatically lose an argument if you just start cussing at whoever you are arguing with; he also thought there was probably no one at her home willing to put up with her.

ten minutes later we left bruegger's and found a note on our car with "dog abuser call 911" written on it. why would we call 911 on ourselves? we were a little worried she was crazy enough to try and steal paco or smash the windshield, but we decided she wasn't strong enough to do that. she was totally crazy. by the way, paco was fine.

(FYI: temperature in iowa city the morning they went to bruegger's--71 degrees. hot flash, perchance?)

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