Monday, July 26, 2010

trip to texas picturepalooza! (part 1)

on the road again--sophie's like "drive the damn car, woman!" while gus knows that i'll just keep trying to take the picture so he'd better just smile and make it a good one now...

welcome to the veritable picturepalooza that represents our trip to texas! i somehow managed to shoot over 1000 images while we were traveling and adventuring...and i need to edit them rather desperately. here's round one--the trip there, via eureka springs, arkansas. enjoy!

humpty dumpty, pre-fall, and kiddos in eureka springs

the train station is always a big hit

conductor (coal/wood shoveler?) gus

sophie negotiating the tracks of the turntable

inside quigley's castle with some goldfish and happy african violets

me and a bunny in an upstairs bedroom--i think this is the only picture of me on my camera...

gus showing me his favorite stone on quigley's castle, which was a marble

and sophie showing me hers (just before trying to pry it loose, which she got in trouble for)

gus, clearly overwhelmed by quigley's castle gardens

sophie, clearly overwhelmed by quigley's castle gardens

up the road from quigley's castle...turpentine creek! it's a big cat rescue; we LOVE this place.


and tigers!

and bears, oh my! oooh, that's bad...


and zeus' siblings xena and ziggy--these cages with concrete floors are only temporary areas for the cats; the majority of them are in permanent habitats with grass, trees, pools and tons of space (more pictures at the end of the trip)

sleepy bobcat

athena the tiger

gorgeous, majestic lion who took no notice of us...

...unlike this guy who spotted the tasty morsel that is sophie straight away

and for my dear friend cindy, meet your namesake, the cougar. cindy's a cougar, get it? get it?? oooh, that's bad, too!

after turpentine creek and a day's drive through arkansas (which included mining for diamonds) we were reunited with la familia de texas!

more pix to come...

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