Sunday, February 27, 2011

love in the eternal city

like last year, i was fortunate to be in rome around valentine's day (even though it really doesn't seem to be celebrated with the gusto we have for the holiday here in the states) and, like last year, love was on display at many sites around the eternal city. i'm hoping next year, if i'm lucky a third time and get to go back, my valentine will be with me.

(yes, rich, i'm talking about you.)

this is a fairly new tradition in rome, started around valentine's day a few years ago--couples take a padlock, affix it to one of the bridges across the tiber (it started on the ponte milvio but you can find them on any bridge now), then throw the keys into the river symbolizing their unbreakable love for each other. of course, the italian government has the locks removed with bolt cutters on a regular basis because the weight of one collection of locks brought down a streetlamp...but you get the idea.

be here now, in my heart--ram dass intentionally or unintentionally cited in a really well-done piece of graffiti

c'é une cuore en mi caffe latte!

valentine's day chocolate by the spanish steps

it's a bit meringue-y, but it makes a lovely valentine's wedding display

bikes and kisses with michaelangelo's creation of adam, all on a candy apple red vespa--perfection!

more vespa-lust and the quintessential modern expression of love in rome

moriondo e gariglio chocolates! you just need to smell the store to feel your hips expand

valentine's graffiti

don't be fooled by the jewelry box--these are boxer briefs

i tried so hard to come up with a single place i could wear these red lovelies in iowa city and came up completely blank...thus they still reside in rome


  1. awww, thank you sweet boy! i love you, too. but, you're not allowed to read this blog's rated R for a reason. :)