Tuesday, March 8, 2011

animali di roma

i'm back--i had a bit of a connectivity problem there for a while, but now all is well and i'm back to posting pix from rome. i noticed a theme in some of the pictures: animals! even though i shot the images i didn't realize i was focusing on critters at all--i've even cut out quite a few. anyway, these are some random animals found while walking around the lovely roma.

(harken back to the fierce kitteh from porta portese market, as he probably goes with this collection better.)

fierce kitteh, jr. ("une tigre nell' giardino!"--"a tiger in the garden!" i overheard an italian nanny saying this to a darling 2-year old in the orto botanico.)

and another fierce kitteh! actually, it's a fascist liger

skinny dogs in stone

moo cows (yes, in fact i do think like a preschooler)

this is a fairly common pairing in rome--a lion biting a horse or deer, or in this case something that looks a bit like both (horsedeer?)

and another lion/horsedeer matchup

a horse so strong that neither of his front hooves need touch the ground, nor does he need one of his hind legs

farfalla! (butterfly)

chiocciola! (snail)

ape! (bee--it's pronounced "ah-pay")

she-wolf and twins

another she-wolf--i like the subtlety of this one

mermaid, horse and seagulls

flying donkey

baby bambi and...chihuahuas?

dj monkey, swingin' da beat...although it does look a bit like lou reed, too...

...seriously, it's a tough call

sten's homage to pinhead from hellraiser (who is technically non-human and is certainly animalistic)

this church admonishes its visitors to remember that they're in a house of god, therefore no spitting or bringing your dog to mass

cane, giorno...

...cane, notte.

and, last but not least...

party animals!

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