Friday, March 11, 2011

rome 2011: a little more shopping and dining at volpetti piu

more damn animals.

i figured out last year that i wasn't designed to actually fit into italian fashions (including shoes, for fuck's sake!), so i decided that i'd have to suffice with shooting pictures of the things i liked. actually, i figured out a long time ago that i was far too frugal to buy italian fashions in italy, so i won't beat myself up too much for the not-fitting-in-them thing...although some things always fit... ditta g. poggi, the best art supply store in rome! i love this place--it just smells right, if that makes sense

i'm about ready to replace all my office supplies in blue and orange after seeing this display

things that don't need to fit me: papal fashions (but i do dig the hat)

the embroidery on this vestment makes me think we're missing out on something at the meeting house

gusella! although this is gus' namesake i'm pretty sure he'd hate me forever if i made him wear anything from this store

what's in style this year? slouchy boots, pastel-y earth tones and ruffles. hmmph. and meh.

so very many reptiles died for this display, but it's workin'!

missoni! le swoon. i've said it before and i'll say it again: if i were three sizes smaller and had some serious disposable cash, i'd be wearing this every day...but, honestly, it'd probably be resale missoni.

yikes--their men's line leaves something to be desired

more stripy missoni awesomeness

i thought this was clever...and it's another animal

bottega veneta--last year they were my example of ridiculously overpriced leather with a 5-digit dollar purse, but something about this window struck me as odd...

...and it was the ill-fitting sandals on the mannequin. if you're going to ask 600 euros (over 1000 dollars) for a pair of strappy shoes, at least make sure they look somewhat decent on the display!

while i like the look (on someone else), there is no way in hell i'd ever pay 900 euros for pants that are double-knit polyester. what's worse? this very high-end store is actually advertising them as double-knit polyester pants (i'd be trying to conceal that little tidbit if at all possible).

the car shoe is still alive and well in italy... is their undying love for anything dr. scholl's

but here it's just "scholl," and yes you can still get the wooden exersandal at any drugstore--these boots are kinda rockin'

volpetti píu! do you see the reflection across the street that says, "PIZZA VOLPETTI PÍU"? that's what the front looks like...

...and everything is delicious! i went rather basic here with roasted chicken and rosemary potatoes, a fruit salad, a vesuvio (mozzarella and prosciutto deep fried until it explodes) and, of course, the ugly american full-sugar coke

i was only able to get back one other time this trip, which was kind of a bummer. on this day i did veal (!--i haven't eaten veal for at least 20 years) in orange sauce, fried florets of broccolini and artichoke hearts, a large slice of fried apple, panna cotta with woodland berries...and another coke (real sugar really does make a difference).

me, at my favorite restaurant...what's its name?...and this is the only shot of me in rome, 2011.

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