Sunday, April 3, 2011

swallowed up by eagles

proud daddy eagle (dead bunny at screen left)

the entire family and i have been captivated to the point of obsession by the decorah eagles. robert anderson, who helped create the wonderful "american eagle" episode of nature that was shown on PBS, has installed a camera near an eagle's nest in far northwest iowa...and we've spent countless hours just watching this pair hatch their precious little eaglets. two have hatched so far and a third is expected any day; we've watched them devour a rabbit and now they have some kind of bird up there that they're munching on.

below are some screen shots from the past few days (sorry about the quality--the ipad screen is just a bit too big to get a clear picture from the streaming video). check them out today!

eagles on the nest (the female is in front)

arranging the eggs

headless rabbit--they didn't start picking on the bunny until after the first egg hatched

two little grey puffballs, one just next to daddy's right foot and the other way to his left--the one on his left accidentally bit daddy's eye, daddy shook his head, and by doing so he almost launched the baby 80 feet down out of the nest. it was harrowing, but mom came home and got everyone back where they were supposed to be.

(dad was still feeding the baby after his accident--i think he was embarrassed.)

i don't know what i was expecting, but i truly didn't know that eagles slept with their heads under their wing like other birds--this makes them seem too bird-like or vulnerable, somehow.

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