Friday, September 16, 2011

folk art in texas: the orange show

texas is bright for an iowa bunny

since my camera has been on a fantastic voyage without me for over a week, i'm forced to look to the past for photographic inspiration. these are images i shot this summer in houston while visiting the orange show, one of the happiest, brightest, most positive places on earth. the orange show was former postman jeff mckissack's residence, which he dedicated to his favorite thing--the orange. he started building it in the 50s and finished in the 70s; today it accessible to all for a whopping admissions fee of one dollar. i've even got a copy of his manifesto, "how to live to be 100 and still be spry". highly recommended viewing in the bayou city!

the orange show center for visionary art

excellent advice, but i think sophie is just picking out all the "s"-es.

sadly, no amount of reminding will render her cautious

view from the roof, looking down

a wise old owl

so happy! so bright! so cheerful!

this is pretty much the exact philosophy i use to approach life

beautiful, matisse-like tile work

view from the roof, looking out

i love you, too.

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