Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my camera's back from italy...and so is rich!

rich took some time before a meeting to cycle the lake como region for about a week, and he brought back these images of the gorgeous scenery there. while my camera got to go with him, i did not--he was biking northern italy while i was trying to rid our offspring (and myself) of hand, foot and mouth disease. the stars have not been in my favor this month. anyway, rich is back, is surprisingly unjetlagged, and is already planning his return trip to cernobbio. i'm not sure exactly where every picture was shot, so my captions may be sparse, but the beauty of the region is perfectly clear.

the trip was almost doomed from the beginning, as rich discovered his bike had been dropped on the way there and his derailleur hanger was broken...but necessity being the mother of invention led to a clever repair using a wire hanger

you know how some people shoot pictures of their kids while traveling on a train on vacation? yeah.

il duomo (milan cathedral)

interior, il duomo

near lugano

near lugano

menaggio (i think!), on lake como

near cernobbio, this is the church of the madonna del ghisallo, which is dedicated to cyclists

interior, church of the madonna del ghisallo

interior, church of the madonna del ghisallo

pizza con funghi e proscuitto (rich's nightly meal) from tom e jerry's pizzeria...yum!

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