Saturday, November 5, 2011


sophie bunny on halloween, and yes she did dress herself for school

halloween! it's one of our favorite times of the year here in the triangle. this year we were utterly blessed by the presence of my most beloved sister, lindsay, and little man zane, her two-month old. and the pumpkins were tremendous--rich and i stalked a guy in a pickup driving around town with a bunch of 100+ pound pumpkins, and we bought two for our house...and i got to carve 'em. we had such a blast and were totally thrilled to share zane's first halloween--can't wait for next year. boo!

kitty lindsay and pumpkin-headed zane

aaah--a vampire bat! or as sophie says, a vampirate bat

sophie's sweet little kindergarten class--such cute kids

gus the viking master--i should mention that those are my boots he is wearing, and they were tight. he's going to be ginormous.

even amongst halloweened sixth graders, the viking master still stands out

such a scary vampirate bat on the halloween parade

such a cool viking master on the halloween parade

such a sleepy baby zane after the halloween parade

blech! pumpkin number one has to be a throwing-up pumpkin, as demanded by sophie

pumpkin number two shared a similar nasty fate

and nothing lights up a giant pumpkin like a road flare! we went through 15 of them.

it's the wolfman! this is rich taking a break from eating all our halloween candy and scaring the crap out of little kids coming to the door.

run little bat, run!

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