Sunday, November 20, 2011

thanksgiving is just around the corner...

i bet they could pass for turkey if served with enough gravy

...are you ready? i'm not! but, i did grab some awesome vintage thanksgiving postcards off of ebay and am getting more in the mood. i'd probably feel even more in the mood if i'd put away my halloween decorations.

when rich saw i was looking at vintage postcards, he said: "i want one with the turkey being eaten alive"...and then he laughed at menacingly. so, sweetie, this is for you. love you.

this may be the year to go vegan if haunted turkeys aren't your thing

there has to be a better way to evaluate a turkey than this

i can't even come up with anything here. it's just far too confusing. i have no idea what the artist was trying to convey as a tribute "for thanksgiving." do we really want to know why the little boy wearing a bow loincloth?

the master gardener in me loves these cards--i thought about buying them, then realized i could buy the actual trees they represent for the same price. this is a chestnut (horse chestnut?)...

...oak (red oak?)...

...and some lovely invasive-if-you-don't-keep-up-with-them wild grapes.


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