Monday, January 16, 2012

2012, year of the crazy busy

mini bunny a-sledding

i don't know if it's having one or two kids scheduled for one or two activities a day, or the 103 travel days i've already penciled into my nifty new calendar, but i'm a bit overwhelmed already. on the plus side, i did get a new camera for christmas with which to document said 103 travel days! i think i love it--it has a 1:1 aspect shooting ratio, which equates to what i shoot with my beloved hasselblad, and a miniature/tilt shift filter that i expect to abuse greatly. but for now i'm off to plan the three classes that i'm teaching at the kiddo's school over the next month (the same classes i'm trying not to regret volunteering to teach...i loved it last year...i loved it last year...i loved it last year). tally ho, y'all!

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