Monday, January 30, 2012

happy belated year of the dragon!

and the crazy busy year continues--i don't see the dragon giving me much of a break. this week i have a sick sophie bunny, two classes about native plants and one on embroidery to teach, gus' first step towards braces (palate expander/spacers)...and a flight to sicily. i'm a bit overwhelmed! i've managed to return a bunch of PANDAS-related emails as well, which is always difficult. i'm so glad gus is better today, knock on wood, but revisiting five years ago is stressful. thank god we've moved on.

and speaking of stressful, gus and i had a god-awful flight back from houston last week. i'm still cursing continental. fuckers. we bought DIRECT tickets from the crapids to houston--something i've longed to have access to for 15 years--and flew on a tiny plane to intergalactic in htown. we had a time, went to a camp longhorn shindig, got some good shopping done, then boarded the same tiny plane to head back home. it was a bumpy flight, made all the bumpier by the littleness of the plane, so the weather wasn't good. but, the plane made its way to cedar within 2-3000 feet of the runway...we could see it!...wheels engaged...and at the very last moment the plane pulled up hard and flew us to kansas city. period. we were pissed; everyone on the plane was pissed. the plane sat for about an hour at a gate in kansas city before they opened the doors and let us off; gus and i demanded our bags and went and rented a platinum rental car so i could drive our freaked-out asses home. i hope gus gets back on a plane ever again; i'm usually chemically-enhanced myself. anyway, the drive was as god-awful as the flight, as the fog was dense and it was very hard to see. i'm glad to be home.

on that note, i'm a bit stressed about flying to sicily. to distract myself i've been out playing with my new toy while sophie and paco played outside--i'd love to know what you think! is this effect working?

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  1. I think images are beautiful.