Thursday, April 5, 2012

dr. elias h. sellards: now with more distinction!

dr. sellards and his trusty pickaxe--it's like someone just googled "image of geologist"

this past thursday, my great-grandfather (also known as gus and baby zane's namesake), elias howard sellards, was inducted into the university of texas jackson school of geoscience's hall of distinction. we were all kindly invited to the event, but being in iowa made it difficult to attend. i do wish we would have, though.

he had a very, very prolific academic career: he determined the legal boundary between texas and oklahoma, he identified very early human remains at vero (now vero beach) florida that completely reset the date for human habitation in america--a good synopsis of such can be found here, he was director of the texas memorial museum during the years before and after WW2, was the director and (later) director emeritus of the bureau of economic geology at the university of texas, undertook significant fieldwork in texas, florida and kansas, wrote scores of papers and books, and was just a general all-around bad ass in the field.

congratulations, dr. sellards.

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