Friday, April 27, 2012

houston livestock show and rodeo

beautiful pink bunny

during our texas spring break adventures, we scored some righteous seats to the rodeo! we were seated on the ultra-posh level (which we thoroughly loved, and where rich finally felt properly appreciated), but before the big show we spent a few hours at the carnival and fat stock show. it was a giant dollop of texas fun!

an actual houston rodeo beauty queen + entourage

lazy beef on the hoof...

...and there is a VERY good anatomical reason i shot this bull from behind


(unfortunately, they didn't ring-o-anything)

rich explicating the finer points of water pistol pointing

i love this--he doesn't even bother with tokens...quarters only!

beautiful, happy gus and his *almost* shot out star!

a soon-to-be-cotton-candy-crazed sophie with her new snakes (and daddy)

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