Wednesday, June 13, 2012

all my friends know the low rider

low riders!  this is one of the things i really miss from new mexico.  we were thrilled to find these in san francisco--it was just good timing.  now go dig out your old war records and enjoy.

...and some details of the low riders:
beautiful color, but it'd be impossible to drive in anything other than a straight line (the steering wheel is touching the seat)

i didn't even notice the detailing inside the door as he was rolling by--i was entranced by the suicide doors instead

car seats in the back and tandem bicycle riders in the reflection.  sweet!

le swoon over this color, and i love that i caught rich carrying a ghirardelli's bag in the reflection

"three flavors" of chica: blonde, brunette and, i guess, raven.  sorry gingers.

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  1. Art would have loved this! I've been trying to convince him to put suicide doors onmy Yaris :)