Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sweet little confused birdie

yesterday, we had a visitor: this lovely little rose-breasted grosbeak, who bonked his head on our window and became completely tame for over an hour. i'm actually wondering if he was someone's pet--i stuck my finger out and he hopped right on, which at first i thought meant he was hand-trained, but later i realized he was merely head-injured. his bump wasn't lethal, and he was very nice to have around--eventually he snapped out of it, jumped on my friend marge's head, then flew up to a high branch where he kept an eye on us for another hour. he was clearly feeling better.

sophie was absolutely distraught when he left--she planned on keeping him! after years with the cockatiels killer, fruit loop, and the others, and realizing how much better i could breathe without birds in my house, i just couldn't do it...

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