Wednesday, February 13, 2013

happy vintage valentine's day!

*sigh*, already did it.

it's that time of year, kittens...happy valentine's day! i love this time of year--i totally get into the red, the pink, the chocolate, the champagne...if my arm wasn't broken i'd be roller skating under a disco ball while "endless love" blared on some ancient speakers in a couple's dance with rich. as it is i am at least rocking a red cast that is soon to be wrapped in paper heart garland.

here's my annual tribute to the valentine's days of yesteryear, a simpler, more wholesome time when you could draw a quiver of arrows draped in front of cupid's leg and not think schlong. enjoy!

and that would be on the ass of san antonio?

this is probably the angriest looking valentine ever

the nonsexual nature of the child just makes this confusing, but i do dig the skates

conversely, the oversexualized cupid makes him look more like a postpartum preteen, but again i dig the skates

holy shit. i think i'm reading cupid's religion. TMI, flyboy.

this poor child has a crush on a very young linda hunt...


threatening murder is no way to woo a lass

self-centeredness is no way to woo a lass

breaking/entering and stalking are no way to woo a lass.

bondage is no way to woo a lass that you can take home to mom.

assault is no way to woo a lass...although a lollipop might work (i missed that the first 10 times i looked at it)

this year's favorite. absolutely no clue whatsoever what is going on in this card. awesome.


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