Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a bunch of disjointed stuff...

i swear i don't really do this to my children, and yes those really are my hands.

i tend to collect pictures from everywhere with great hopes of writing a coherent blog post to go with them, but sometimes i fail and i just have to give up and post the pix sans a story. hence a bunch of disjointed stuff. so here we go--first, images i ripped off from facebook:

woodland hall! i almost died when i saw this--this is the crest sewn onto every uniform of the first school i ever went to. it was glorious. it was also a victim of houston's crazy need to constantly deny its history and build newer bigger better at any cost. it was next door to what is now the houstonian.

proof that i was a very different person twenty years ago: i was a bow head. it's true. and that's one big bow connected to my skinny hair. yikes.

iowa girls! (i'm under the sombrero.) this was from the first or second cinco de mayo party at our house in iowa city, c. 1998. that poor house went underwater this past summer and will probably get flattened soon.

i'm sure this isn't nearly as entertaining to anyone else as it is to me.

second, random images of gus:

gus and his little buddy at school, taylor. they are such a good match.

gus and sophie at duran's central pharmacy eating brunch on an E day. we reached an agreement with gus' school that he would no longer be in classes with the teacher he had so many problems with, so we spend every sixth school day at the counter of duran's. all three of us are enjoying it immensely and, to be honest, gus is getting a hell of a lot more out of the duran's experience than he would have in the class he is missing.

gus and sandy, his surrogate grandmother. sandy was our neighbor in houston when we lived there in 2000-2002. we LOVE sandy (and tom) and have missed her (and him) terribly for years. unfortunately, our old house got bulldozed and a mcmansion got built in its place...which totally messes up the feel of the street. again, houston's need to build newer bigger better.

gus and daddy at sandy's house--sweet lid on my boy.

and finally, gus and his best friend, george, who moved back to england this past summer. he came back to town with his family for a quick ski holiday and we were lucky enough to host them here for an afternoon. we miss them terribly as well.

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