Saturday, March 14, 2009

i love my friends i love my friends i love my friends...

i do. i love my friends. i had to keep saying that to myself yesterday because one of them came to me, tears in her eyes, despair in her voice, wringing her hands in frustration over a school fundraising project--for the very same school that has made my son's life hell this year--and i helped her. i even did a good job. then she was happy, the angels sang, my halo was glowing, all that crap. and she's taking me out for a beer for payment, so yay me!

it was a good project, too--she had all the kids in her daughter's class take pictures around school then she was going to blow some of them up and frame them for the auction. the problem was that the kids' cameras were set on way too low of a setting to get enough information to make them any larger than 4 x 6. so i took all the images, ran them through mosaic maker (which i highly recommend), bought a one-week pass to get a super high resolution file, uploaded to shutterfly (who will make a border-to-border digital print without cropping, unlike most places) and voila! actual art made by actual kids (and one pissed-off parent who loves her friends).

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