Monday, March 23, 2009

the allen family bermuda triangle strikes again

so here i am in new mexico, and i love it here. i do. it suits me very well to be here in los ranchos de albuquerque and just live my life. this was supposed to be my "pine box house," as in "the only way you are getting me out of here is in a pine box." and it was also something of a "pine box life" for me. i think, to some extent, that rich was hoping we'd be here long-term, too (and not for the pine box thing). but it has become increasingly apparent that this is not to be.

i have worked like a dog for the past three years to make sure things went as smoothly as possible for my least so far as i could control. i think i was successful, to an extent, in having a happy home, hiring too many competent attorneys (and getting most valuable free legal advice from friends as well), making sure rich got out on his bike as often as he wanted, etc., but new mexico herself has just not cooperated (perhaps i failed to let her in on my plan?). for many, many reasons, few of which relate to me but all of which relate to people i love (rich, gus and sophie), we will be leaving new mexico rather sooner than later. and i am heartbroken.

when we move sometime this summer, it will be our eighth move in fifteen years; our tenth move since rich and i have been together. gus, at the ripe age of 9, will move into his sixth house; sophie her third. ironically, or rather sardonically, we get to keep the house here--it won't appraise so we're hanging on to it for a bit. we just can't live in it, which adds another layer of heartbreak. but i am trying to tell myself that it isn't all about the house...even though it is perfect.

the allen family bermuda triangle strikes again.


  1. my phone is down :( finally kicked the bucket! I'll have a new one tomorrow! CALL ME! i love you! L

  2. must call you now. oh actually i guess i could because you're behind us! rephrase...must find your phone number now. love you.dawn