Sunday, April 5, 2009

yes, i'm still here...

...for now. i'm just sad and feeling pathetic and didn't think sharing that with the world would be a terribly productive exercise. but i have to start writing about something eventually.

in the past couple of weeks i've been to iowa city, purchased a terribly lovely but terribly expensive house, realized that we are now way overcapitalized in real estate, finished our taxes (and triggered the goddamned alternative minimum tax AGAIN), and had to deal with the fact that it took the assholes at gus' school a whopping 20 days to violate our mutually signed and legally-binding agreement to keep that awful teacher away from my son. shit. so basically things are continuing as usual here in the desert.

one bright note: i actually got a call from kendra tellez herself, as in kendra tellez court reporting, telling me that the erroneous lien placed against our property by her company was, in fact, a mistake and would be rectified. bonus! that doesn't mean the year of the bully is over or anything...i'm not that optimistic.

anyone want to lease or purchase an extraordinary family home in pastoral los ranchos de albuquerque? everything works!

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