Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 pictures a day for 10 days, day six

sophie, eating a tasty late-night snack, while gus gorges on cartoon network in the background

this task is more difficult than i anticipated...perhaps i don't have as many pictures to post as i thought? these are a collection of random pictures from the farm (not quite two weeks ago).

i know this is terribly politically incorrect, but i love this image anyway

chief sophie bunny

beautiful texas bluebonnets

sophie tramping through the bluebonnets

check out the red bluebonnet!

as blasphemous as this is, i personally prefer indian paintbrushes...

gus driving his tractor around the property--he is so big!

gus driving me and sophie bunny around (she looks so much like rich here)

evil maremmas--they live on the adjoining property and are meant to protect a fancy herd of goats...however last year they were killing the babies so i'm not really sure what their purpose is now (they are terrible pets--don't even try it. and, they look very much like great pyrennees dogs, which are wonderful pets, so go figure.)

this is ingrid, one of two new babies...and who is having a much better start in life than the following little colt (DON'T scroll down if you are injured-animal squeamish)...

this poor little colt, who is as yet unnamed, was attacked by my dad's pack of eight half-lab, half-feral dogs. pack behavior is scary but somewhat predictable--they attack the weakest or the youngest--and they went after this poor little guy not once but twice. i'm not sure what is going to happen to him. poor baby. i hate those goddamned dogs.


  1. My understanding is that it was a cougar, and the dogs were trying to protect the horse.

  2. exactly, because half-feral dogs are known for their protective qualities when it comes to other species and not for ganging up and trying to take down a weak, defenseless baby.

    maybe it was a bobcat?