Friday, April 24, 2009

10 pictures a day for 10 days, day four

with all the talk of texas secession, i was almost distracted from my duty of posting at least 10 images...almost. i am, however, posting pictures from easter at my parent's place in washington, texas. and, of course, washington couldn't represent texas more if it tried--it was the birthplace of texas, after all. enjoy the easter egg hunt!

sophie focusing her energies on the upcoming hunt; gus decided nanno drove too slow so he took over

"mom, if you hold my basket i can find them faster..."

the easter bunny in texas is mean and hides things in the prickly pear (ask me to show you my prickly pear scar someday)

sophie found something!

and something else!

bill tries to cramp sophie's style by deigning to speak to her

gus teaches sophie the fine art of the swap; mommy supervised

sophie finds yet another something else!

gus, checking out the front pasture, making sure he isn't missing anything (that boy has excellent vision for egg hunting)

gus' cache is enough...

...that he let nanno drive home (and tyler)...

...and while sophie checked out her own cache...

...gus made his easter bunny properly headless.

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