Tuesday, April 21, 2009

okay, enough is enough.

a pendant, made by gus and sold in a gallery on canyon road in santa fe--do you know how many artists would love to say they sold a piece on canyon road?!

i am tired of being sad about the move; it is truly a positive thing for my family. it is time to get over myself and move forward. i ran away to texas for about a week and a half but now i'm back and i am no longer going to neglect my blog--so much has happened; so much continues to happen; the photos are literally piling up and demanding to be posted. so, with that in mind, i am going to publish no less than 10 photos a day for the next 10 days just to get back in the swing of things. feel free to write and berate me for the ridiculously long time it has taken me to write anything again.

gus the artiste with his most recent glasswork that some unknown connoisseur bought

sophie, randy, cole and gus at gus' (thankfully) low-key 9th birthday party sleepover

gus eating those yummy chocolate cupcakes at his school celebration

they read a story at the end of the day and gus let sophie join him on the floor (could i have picked a better big brother for her?)

rich is thinking, "why the hell is our son at this school...what the fuck were we thinking...i wonder if we could get our forty thousand dollars back...please let this end so i can jump on my bike with gus and get the hell out of here...did i do that woman with the purse dog's brow lift?"

sophie, paco, and toes

sophie and gus, emulating mommy

sophie's artwork is taking on a bit of an aggressive tone...

...but it is oddly compelling

more aggressiveness: sophie decapitated all of gus' star wars legos and paraded around the house with the heads on her fingertips. perhaps she is channeling henry the eighth?

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  1. thinking of you! we want eventual details of gus's glass art skills (we're learning here) and love the star wars befingered sophie (mckenzie chews on these lego helmets to paul's total distress!) it is reassuring to me that somehow your household has acquired as many star wars lego heads as we have. dawn:)