Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a very generous email i recently received

i'm not sure i have permission to reprint this, so i'll just use a first initial as an identifier. L sent me an email recently that was so kind and illuminating and had a more global message to it than just what would apply to my little situation. i loved it--it is so healthy in its approach and so clearly describes the importance of letting go. here it is:

Change really sucks sometimes, but...

......there is an upside in it somewhere!!!

Just want you to know that I totally get where you are at and the mixed feelings that come with a change like you are about to go thru. It is hard to leave a place you love and feel a "soul" connection to, but sometimes it is not to be!!!! It is a fork in the road that becomes a force beyond your control and the choice is so hard.

Keep in mind that the lesson is not only in the moving forward, but also in the letting go. Try not to hang on to the loss too hard as it can really block you from enjoying the new reality. Value the past for the gifts you received and remain open to new adventures!! It is a lesson I still deal with every day 25 years after leaving a place I loved that spoke to my soul as none other.

Okay, maybe this is my own crap I am dealing with and you are in a totally different place, but thanks for making me look at it again with a 25 years down the road perspective!!!

Life is good,

beautiful. thank you, L.!


  1. I wish I was as insightful as that L; what beautiful retrospect.. but I'm not. Unfortunately, out of us, you are the blessed older sister who has to walk in all shoes before they even come in my size. L is right.. it only makes you stronger. All of life's hiccups only make us stronger - something I've learned from my patients.

    I love you.
    I am here for you.
    xoxo, lil L

  2. I needed that today. Actually, I need that everyday.