Thursday, April 30, 2009

the case for naming your child "apple" (or "moon unit," for that matter)

pictures are on hiatus just for the day--i kinda need to address this...

many people laughed at chris martin and gwyneth paltrow (and frank zappa, RIP) for giving their kids less-than-common names, but i guarantee those kids will never be mistaken for some idiot who doesn't pay a lien-happy court reporter (see "apparently the year of the bully isn't over yet")...or a chemical-happy dude in gallup who was recently arrested for a DUI/DWI.

in december, richard c. allen of gallup, NM, birthdate 5/4/1970, was arrested for a DWI (or DUI, if you please). it was neither his first arrest nor his first conviction for alcohol or drug-related issues (search "richard allen" on the court site for more info). he was sentenced in the beginning of april; this information was made publicly available shortly thereafter. yesterday a patient's husband spoke to my/our richard c. allen's technician to ask if this DUI conviction is why my/our rich is leaving new mexico...and needless to say it freaked everyone out a bit to hear.

let me make this perfectly clear: richard c. allen, m.d., ph.d., birthdate 6/16/1965, currently residing in los ranchos de albuquerque and working in albuquerque and santa fe, did NOT get a DWI or DUI or whatever and has never had anything more than a speeding ticket ever in his life (and that was like over 15 years ago). he is NOT leaving the state to escape any form of embarrassment; he is leaving the state to accept a far better position in iowa. my/our rich is not the richard c. allen in question for this DWI/DUI conviction. and, to reiterate, he also did not NOT pay kendra tellez court reporting, either--that was yet another richard allen. he also isn't the physics professor at UNM, even another richard c. allen, who is most likely a perfectly decent guy.

i am certain apple martin will not have these problems later in life.

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