Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 pictures a day for 10 days, day eight

the love affair with my parents' horses continues; i could shoot thousands of pictures of them and not get bored...i am particularly in love with astrid right now (she is the horse that has the same coloring as my astrid). and gus graduated from little man to champ and into an adult-sized saddle. he is soooo big.

gus and champ, ready to ride off into the sunset

gus takes riding very seriously...which is good

astrid's gorgeous mane

astrid again

and again

more astrid

and a little more astrid, who is now more than a tad wary of the horses...

...because this sweet horse (lucky) got a little too curious and decided to nibble on her finger as she was feeding him

two astrids and a lucky

nanno in yello

daddo with tomo

tyler, the ghost dog

the bunny got to ride in the front seat after her horsie scare (she was pretty psyched)

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