Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 pictures a day for 10 days, day nine-ish

okay i'm late (surprised?) for the 10 pictures thing...i'm so not doing this again. far too much pressure. but i do have lots to post still so let's get to it! these are from one of my happiest places on earth: fossil rim in glen rose, texas. i adore fossil rim. i think everyone should go there at least once--i have been fortunate enough to go three times, so far. i shot about three hundred pictures, so i'll break this up into two posts. enjoy!

leaving triple creek ranch...

...through seas of bluebonnets...

...but sophie missed most of the scenery

greetings and welcome to fossil rim from this really aggressive ostrich that tried to peck my head through the sunroof

(this is really the only safe way to see an ostrich...they are mean buggers with very, very limited brain function)

after the ostrich debacle an emu came by and completely freaked sophie out


posing zebra!

posing bambi!

(sophie checking gus for antler growth)

gus calls these animals "the little lippy guys"

more zebras!

they still have a bit of a winter coat on them

what's that in the background...


more tomorrow...

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