Saturday, May 30, 2009

more belated pictures...

super mega-excited birthday girl!!!

...this time they are of sophie's birthday party at her school. i LOVE her school with a deep and abiding passion--gus also went there. i am so disappointed that she won't be able to spend more time at a child's garden, but i'm happy she had the year that she had. her teachers, sarah and barb, were stellar. they will be lifelong family friends. gus was completely jealous of sophie all year long...i wonder why? no, i don't.

mmmmm, chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles

gus and chocofied sophie

"if you're not going to finish that..."

daddy, who made an appearance, gus, reading chicka chicka boom boom, and sophie, being smiley

sarah and gus--he volunteered in her classroom and it was a good match (so i'm further sorry to be leaving ACG since gus would probably have worked there in a few years)

and look who found gus! this is his first teacher, michelle (of michelle and nona), and they have always gotten along beautifully. she was wonderful to gus and he has carried that with him, always.

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