Monday, May 11, 2009

ceci n'est pas une maison

my new kitchen...and it was a major reason i bought this house

the new house; la nouvelle maison. it is very, very different from where we live now, but i think it will suit. the people who live there now have EXCELLENT taste in furniture--perhaps they will sell some to me? and, who would have thought that a house like this could be found in iowa city? any comments will be appreciated--i could use some encouragement, so if you hate it just keep it to yourself (i'm obviously still trying to wrap my head and heart around the idea of a move).

this was the other element that sold the house--can you believe this window?

living room (love the art--loret mast, love the rug)

my back is to the window, facing sitting area outside the master

view from sitting area outside the master

dining room (love the art--loret mast, again)

this is gus' room--he has his own patio!

and this is our room...which isn't as nice as gus' but will allow us to hear what he is up to when he tries to sneak out through that lovely patio door

peeping tom

i love this fountain--it totally suits the property, and the current owners won't give it to us

this isn't in the new house, but it was my hotel room while i was looking for a home--perhaps it influenced my decision...

pretty jodi, who was briefly my chauffeur during this visit and is leaving IC right when we get there, damnit!


  1. What a cool house!!! I had no idea there were architectural finds like that in Iowa City! Wow =) Thanks for sharing...that house should definitely make the move a little easier, right?

  2. Wow Missy! Fantastic find...and I'm not even saying that to be encouraging about the move. More like, if they'd shown us a house like that we'd be moving back to ic too :) Really really looks like it'll suit y'all in its own way. And love the foresight about locating where you can hear Gus leave :)!! dawn

  3. Great House Missy - Love the winter view out the windows and I bet it will be spectacular in Spring, Summer and Fall as well!! Gotta love the change of seasons in Iowa!!! Lauree